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System Overload. That feeling of being on edge, brain on fire, pressure, overwhelming, everything in escalation, nerves off kilter, nail biting, poor habit increasing, I just wanna SCREAM or runaway experience.

It’s that anxious behavior that rears its ugly head like an unwanted pimple before an important day. If you haven’t guessed it by now it’s STRESS.

We often try to digest more than we can ingest, have poor organizational and/ or time management skills. Sometimes life turns a sunny day into an unexpected worldwind where everything and everyone is coming at us or simultaneously making demands. Life will happen but what’s important is our response in these situations.

I know it’s easier said than done to be calm in the midst of a storm but you must take a moment to breathe and access before making a statement or taking action. Being stressed triggers so much mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. If your not careful you’ll entertain a lie of a self fulfilling prophesy that will lead to your demise.

Above all things make time for you. Take a personal day by any means necessary. Ensure all levels and areas of health are priority. Failure to do so can and will manifest undesirable results. Here are some tips that may help you get through it

1. Prayer
2. Outlet | Hobby
3. Exercise
4. Do something fun & exciting
5. Break down priorities into categories
6. Create a personal and work schedule
7. Take breaks
8. Surround yourself with positive quotes
9.Be around supportive and level headed individuals.
10. See things from a different perspective. Your just on high demand and entrusted with much.

11. Utilize your vacation time.

Your Brand

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Building your brand requires clarity and consistency within your content. – C.George

Social Media Venting

When you want to vent and all you have is a keypad or pen… its best to choose the pen. Keeping your personal entries private is always the best option to avoid regret. In today’s society it’s the easiest thing to do for some. I believe that restraint and self- discipline can go a long way. I definitely learned the hard way.

They say that words don’t hurt but that’s not accurate. Words evoke a feeling and Maya Angelou once said that “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. In this case, words are included in the feeling. They leave a lasting imprint on minds and hearts that destroy relationships, employment, partnerships and the list goes on.

Words are like weapons they are powerful but deadly in the wrong hands. Words are the weapons of the tongue deadly with the wrong intention or motive. I get it, you’re hurt or frustrated seeking immediately relief but social media isn’t the way or answer. Even in the Bible, it’s says in Proverbs 17: 28 that “Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise”. Don’t be the short tempered fool I once was.

Some of you may be literal and ask, why make a reference to the tongue when social media isn’t verbal expression. Guess what? All speech is not verbal and it’s an extension of the contents of your mindset. Your speech represents you and says a lot about your level of intelligence, education class and even character. Don’t believe me? ask someone who reviews resume’s for prospective employees. What’s presented is an extension of you. Today I want you to consider yourself as a brand. What are you selling, in what capacity are you at service? For me, I just want to encourage and inspire people. I must mind my thoughts because they become words spoken or written.

Here are some solutions that help me:

  1. Remove yourself from the aggravating or hostile environment
  2. Healthily express your feelings to the APPROPRAITE person
  3. Confide in a friend who has an objective view in the matter
  4. Purchase a journal
  5. Type it out on your phone or Word document
  6.  Distract yourself with a hobby
  7. Go for a walk to clear your mind or take a break
  8. Pray.

I just want you to make healthy decisions because everything we do today is reflected in our tomorrow and I would prefer my tomorrow to be beautiful. You are your brand, stay consistent, positive and mature!

Doing Business Abroad

Business in Japan

The world that we live in is very diverse, its our differences that makes us interesting and gives another a chance to learn something new and for you to explore and widen your perspective, knowledge of the world and gain a greater appreciation for humanity.

Everything depends on perspective. If we were truly open, we wouldn’t ostracize what’s new or unique to our own understanding. We should be intrigued. Even at work, there is an opportunity to learn about each other through interaction. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to cultural norms and diversity in the workplace.

Anytime business in conducted overseas, one should always research acceptable behaviors and practices. “A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” Says world renown poet Moslih Eddin Saadi Persian. It’s so important to foster great interactions that will produce and increase communication.

For instance, if we were to travel to Japan for business there are some things you should know in advance. Their culture is big on respect and integrity. Here are some things to keep in mind because what you don’t know can hurt you.

  1. Greetings –, shake hands if offered and provide a business card
  2. Communication Style -It is okay to speak when spoken to. Silence is golden and once should not overshare. Silence is synonymous with wisdom and self-control.
  3. Formality Japanese society is unusually formal, polite, and conformist; attributes which, especially formality, permeate the way Japanese businesspeople conduct themselves at business meetings and social gatherings. … Many Japanese seldom shake hands and might be so uncomfortable doing so that they might avoid meeting again.
  4. Roles and status- The Japanese Hierarchy needs to be honored. Respect for age and status is very important in Japanese culture, with hierarchy affecting all aspects of social interactions. The Japanese are most comfortable interacting with someone they consider their equal. Status is determined by a combination of someone’s role in an organization, which organization they work for, which university they went to and their marital situation.
  5. Attitudes towards work and success – working hard and being integral with your work is extremely important in Japanese business..
  6. Concept of time – Punctuality is the first step to aiding your efforts to doing business in Japan. Punctuality, timeliness and sticking to commitments: The Japanese believe strongly in ‘no hidden surprises’ and are committed to a very high degree of predictability and consistent reliability (not just reliability)
  7. Personal space and/or eye contact – maintain a healthy distance, Maintain distance. Do not step in for a handshake, a hug, or even a friendly clap on the back, be respectful, keep your gaze lowered
  8. Privacy- Japanese are very reserved, do not be pushy or rude.
  9. Dress Code– Honor the dress code. Men wear business suits, women are also dressed professionally but should keep their jewelry tucked in and should refrain from wearing heels.
  10. Gifts Exchange – Gift exchange is an important tradition in Japan, especially at the first meeting. What can possibly go wrong when giving a small gift? Many things, it seems: Flowers such as lilies, lotus blossoms and camellias are used for funeral services and should, therefore, be avoided. The same applies for any white flowers. Potted plants also carry negative superstitions. And buying a set of four of anything is deemed unlucky. The number nine is also inauspicious. Furthermore, if you send Christmas cards, avoid red, as funeral notices are customarily printed in red.
  11. Small stuff matters – Something simple as blowing your nose in public is considered rude. Once should excuse themselves.


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5-W’s Approach to Writing

Tips for Better Business Writing

By: “SignatureThoughts8” Christine A. George

1. Be specific – (the what approach) Know exactly what your message is and aim to make it clear to your readers. Get to your point you don’t necessarily have to be long to be strong. Make sure that the content is cohesive. This approach is most important. This is where you ensure that your topic is not offensive but is stated in an objective manner.

2. Know Your Audience – (the who approach) Tone and approach are important factors in writing. Its imperative to know your audience so you can adjust your speech to the appropriate writing standards. The letter you write to your boss will not have the same tone that you would use for a loved one or close friend. Know the

3. Time (the when approach)- In every area of writing time is everything. A journalist may need to produce information immediately to be on the cutting edge but one interviewing someone of great stature leaking information is a breach in mere ethics. Timing is everything to prevent premature exposure

4. Appropriate Medium (the where approach)

5. Be Authentic – (the how approach) there’s nothing worse than a copycat. You may not have an original topic or be the initial source, but your writing should permeate you. Your writing style should be distinctive and true to your own voice, perspective and style.  The how approach also included editing by reading aloud, revision, checking grammar, and spell check. This is the final step before you consider publishing and submission of your work.