Dear Leaders,

Mom often used this old adage… “Encouragement sweetens labor”. My Pastor says, “Lovers are not like workers, they don’t burn out!”. With that being said, it is always wise to uplift your team. It will increase morale, and confidence in their roles as well as enhance productivity.

This is not flattery or vain words to boost an ego. Sincere recognition of one’s potential and acknowledgment of one’s efforts will go a long way. Real leaders recognize future leaders and do their best to develop and guide them. When someone is in an environment that is encouraging, their potential is being watered. The grounds of their abilities are limitless. They begin to perceive the vision and mission in new ways. They love what they do and enjoy being a part of the team.

These motivated individuals are most likely to go above and beyond what’s required and often take initiative. Oftentimes, people who feel overlooked and have no sense of belonging quit, fall back, experience a decline in work ethic, have poor attitudes and the list continues. They are not bad people; every plant needs water to survive. Leadership is responsible to create, maintain and enhance the work environment. It needs to be one that is conducive to growth, and overall health with a goal to yield maximum and desired results.

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