Deflection, a coping mechanism for many. A way for humans to redirect focus and attention of something unfavorable from themselves unto another. Typically associated with defense mechanism.

I was thinking today. Don’t we sometimes use these methods with our Father? When faced with ourselves. Aren’t we quick to have the Adam syndrome… It was the woman, friend, boss etc. you gave me. We rarely take accountability unbeknownst to us because we can’t see ourselves. That’s why we have the Holy Spirit to being things to us previously unaware.

Sometimes when were defensive it’s because its cousin offense is present. Your uncomfortable with this feeling or emotion so we quickly try to shake it off. We ignore the very person shedding light on us to help us. Sometimes living and adjustment to darkness will always make light disturbing. We treat people like this, but we treat God like he as I’d he were “people”. We got issues and an attitude so we gonna ignore him. We’re not mature emotionally or spiritually to let him address. It requires vulnerability and were not ready (Kevin Hart voice).

Realizing today, categories are important and vital to our Relational intelligence with folks and most importantly to God. I repent for ignoring God. How dumb when the answer is He! Issues, no problem for him. We trust God for stuff, breakthrough, miracles etc. but can’t trust Him with our hearts and emotions. We gotta change that! We need to rid deflect when we recollect. To consider the goodness of God and how He has been with you and carried you. A memory of his faithfulness will keep you from ignoring Him but being humble and vulnerable with a great level of trust.

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